Innovation Award—Healthcare Facilities ~ 2015
William Shrank, MD
Senior VP, Chief Scientific Officer, Chief Medical Officer of Provider Innovation, CVS Health

In November 2013, Dr. William Shrank was appointed Chief Scientific Officer and Chief Medical Officer, Provider of Innovation and Analytics at CVS Caremark, with the focus on the development of innovative pharmacy solutions to help improve the quality of care while lowering costs in order to help health care providers deliver services to distinct patient populations.

With the delivery of health care evolving, CVS Health’s decision to end the sale of cigarettes and tobacco products in the company’s more than 7,600 stores in order to better serve patients, clients, and health care providers, makes CVS Health a trailblazer on the path to improved health. As the largest integrated pharmacy company in the United States, CVS Caremark is dedicated to helping both plan members and public consumers on their journeys towards healthier lifestyles..