Westside Family Health Center
Innovation Award—Facilities ~ 2013
Westside Family Health Center

Westside Family Health Center has been a leader in women’s and family health since its founding in 1974 when a small group of dedicated community leaders and healthcare providers started the Women’s Health Care Project as part of a larger social justice movement in Santa Monica. It is this year’s recipient of the Innovation Award for Facilities for its approach to delivering quality patient care, improving health of its patients and promoting a healthier community for the last four decades.

The center has helped women learn more about their bodies and their health, shared experiences and empowered them through knowledge. What is now Westside Family Health Center expanded to include prenatal care, pediatric services, adolescent healthcare and a family practice program that includes a strong healthy aging component.

As a natural development of its reproductive health services, Westside opened the Prenatal Clinic 1990, Pediatric Program in 1992 and with the rise of teen pregnancies, WFHC began an Adolescent Health Service program in 1994. In 1999 the Family Practice program was launched to provide care for general medical problems not covered by its other programs.

Debra A. Farmer has been President/CEO since 1999 and has overseen much of WFHC’s dramatic growth. A tireless health advocate at the local, state and national levels, Farmer has spearheaded WFHC’s community expansion and outreach.

For 39 years, Westside Family Health Center has been an integral part of the Westside community, serving low-income men, women, children, and the uninsured population. Last year, the center saw and treated 9,562 patients in 30,925 visits.